Jesus' Teachings  

Jesus' Teachings

The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven.


The Good News is that the Way back to the Kingdom of God is once again in the people's hands. The original teaching of Jesus has been restored, as prophesized in the end time, and is available around the world as a testament unto the Living God of Righteousness. Look after it.

This is NOT a book.
DO NOT read it like a book.

This is NOT about religion.
DO NOT make it a religion.

Two woes are revealed.

This is the way of using God's given knowledge to prepare for the return home to eternal Life in heaven. This is a teaching to be learned AND applied.

This is a do-it-yourself manual on how to become born again as the righteous angel you once were, before the fall. It is time to apply the original teaching of Jesus and experience the truth, first-hand, for yourself. The time has come to stop reading and believing, and start doing, applying, changing and becoming born again.

We are the fallen angels. We fell from righteousness and were cast out of heaven, into the bottomless pit, with that devil, Satan.

God put us into this bottomless pit for redemption, and only God can take us out of this bottomless pit and back to heaven. The devil knows it and conceals this knowledge from us.

The devil has deceived us with religion. We believe deceived religious leaders, and holy books, that they can lead us back to heaven. Religious stories, myths, fables and superstitions have blinded our minds to the original teaching of Jesus, which is in plain sight on the pages of the Bible, and the Koran.

Jesus, not the Bible, is the Living word of God. Jesus, not the Bible, brought the Way back to eternal Life in heaven, and it is the truth.

"Why call me Master, and do not
the things I say to do.
- Jesus

Jesus is the Living Word of God. The Bible is a testament of Jesus and what Jesus said to do.

Jesus came and showed us what we have to do, to return to heaven: he is the Way shower, a Living example of the Way back home.

"Follow me, do what I do,
and you shall be where I am.
- Jesus

Religion keeps us forever busy; reading, listening and talking, and never able to come to applying the knowledge of the truth that can set us free. The truth is not in knowing how to become born again, the truth is in applying the knowledge, making the changes, and becoming Born Again.

Jesus received the original teaching through revelation from the Living God; he gave it to his disciples, who passed it on to us. Religion buried it in the letter, and revelation has restored it.

Any way you want to look at it,
you are not in heaven.

The way back to the Kingdom of God is now closer than when we believed.

Jesus' teachings are a time proven way of becoming born again, as a little child, in preparation for the return home. Becoming a disciple of Jesus is a lifelong journey of hard work and change. ALL disciples struggle to "do the things he says to do."

Strengthen your Will by applying the knowledge herein and prove the truth to yourself. Only you can make the changes that will reveal the truth to your mind. Only you can perform the work of salvation.

Begin to reshape your self according to the original teaching Jesus gave us to do. Apply the knowledge and transform yourself into a born again angel of righteousness.

We are born again through the experience of revelation and in no other way; all else is just hearsay and belief, and leads nowhere.

Call on the Living God for the revelations you need to effect your transformation process. Sincerely, honestly and humbly ask God, like a little child asking his father, what is necessary for your transformation.

The more you "do" and "apply" the teachings of Jesus, the more truth that is revealed to your mind, and the more truth you are able to comprehend, and the stronger your Will becomes to keep you motivated, determined, and working hard. Revelation is a powerful transforming experience.

Revelation is the Rock,
upon which Jesus builds the Church.
- Jesus

Our Father patiently waits for his prodigal sons to turn from their unrighteous ways and sincerely, honestly and truthfully seek the way back home. If you are not a sincere Seeker, the humble prodigal son, you will not see beyond that which you believe.

Forgive me Father, for I am a sinner, not worthy to be called your son. Help me Father to overcome the evil of this world and return to righteousness. I am truly tired of this evil world and this unrighteous way of living. Open my eyes with revelation that the devil deceives me no more. I have become lost in the deceptions that hold me in bondage to sin. Show me the way back home to eternal Life. I have lost my way.

Peace Be Unto You All

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