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BIBLE: Past Lives

There has always been a religious controversy, even within the same sect, that there is no preexistence of the soul or that the soul accumulates past lives through reincarnation. The term reincarnation simply means to come 'again' into physical embodiment.

While many debate and deny reincarnation in the Bible, they are still awaiting Jesus next incarnation - 'the second coming': but the truth of the matter is that Jesus can manifest into the physical, in a physical body, any time he wants; reading John 10:18, "I have the power, received of my Father, to lay down my life, and take it up again" . . . . . just as Jesus demonstrated on several occasions after the crucifixion, appearing to the disciples in different human bodies at different times and places. ("look it up")

In John 9:2 we see the disciples asking Jesus, "did this man sin, that he was born blind?" - implying a past life; certainly, if reincarnation was not true, Jesus would have plainly said so, but he didn't.

Back in the book of Malachi 4:5, the Hebrews were looking for the reincarnation of Elijah (Elias) . . . just as in Jesus' time, the priests were still looking for Elias (John 1:19-25). They were talking reincarnation, "that one of the prophets was risen again", "that Elias had appeared". Whereas Jesus plainly states in Matthew 17:12, "Elias is come already, and they knew him not." (Reincarnation) [SIDE: Elias and John were both teachers of righteousness and both had similar characteristics, the result of the same or similar stored and learned karmic imagery.]

Some other Bible passages which show and/or imply past lives and reincarnation: Daniel 12:13, Daniel will reincarnate in the last days. Then as recorded in Matthew 16:13-14, Mark 8:27-28 and Luke 9:18-19, Jesus did not refute their belief in reincarnation, instead he introduced such a question - "Whom do men say that I am?" - knowing many were awaiting the reincarnation of one of the prophets, just as John the baptizer, in Matthew 11:2-3 and Luke 7:20, was expecting one of the prophets to reincarnate again as the Messiah. And in Revelation 10:11, Jesus tells the disciple John that he will have to testify 'again' before many kings in many countries.

Jesus laid down his Life in heaven to come down into the Bottomless Pit, entered into the Trap, and taking on a physical body, he showed us the way back home to Life in heaven (Other Earth).

God is our saviour, Jesus is the way and we are to be Disciples of Jesus, spreading the knowledge of the Living God of Righteousness through the teachings of Jesus. Prove ALL things and hold fast that which is good.


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