The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."

. . . . . . .LISTEN & WATCH - or READ down below.


People are always looking for magic and power, fortunately seeing and knowing, they cannot understand. The Spirit is a 'being', like a person, not a power you can control. And Jesus tells us, anyone born of the Spirit cannot tell whence it comes and where it goes(Jn 3:8). However; the 'warning' is - not to mess with The Spirit.

The power was not Jesus' but the Spirit working through Jesus; and the power only works on 'believers' and people, who through much tribulation, have 'found the kingdom of God' (Mtt 13:58 ; 12:28).

Jesus tells us a great truth ("verily,verily"), "Except a man be born again, he cannot see, nor enter into the kingdom of God"(Jn 3:3,5). . . . . and where does Jesus tell us we can find the kingdom of God? - "the kingdom of God is within" (Lk 17.21).

Jesus tells us to go within, "where the Spirit of the Father speaks in us (Mtt 10:20); that God may give unto us the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him" (Eph 1:17). "Yea, the deep things of God that no man knoweth, are revealed to us by His Spirit, the Spirit who will guide us in all truth and show us the things to come" (1Cor 2:10 ; Jn 16:13).

"You are the temple of the Living God, and the Spirit of God dwells in you; the Spirit resides in the inner man: whereby the Spirit of revelation makes known unto us this mystery of God, which in other ages was not made known unto men" (1Cor 3:16 ; Eph 3:16,3).

In Genesis 1:2 we read that God sent the Spirit to begin the creation ... "and God saw everything the Spirit had made, and behold it was VERY good" (Gen 1:31).

Enter Satan who tricks man into "eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" - under the guise of making one wise. They ate and found themselves in a 'familiar' world, a physical reality, in a physical body: in coats of skin, naked! . . . and so they could not eat from the Tree of Life (The Spirit) - a soul, a flaming sword which turns the mind every which way, was given to them to keep "The Way of The Tree of Life" from them. "The fruits of the Spirit (The Tree of Life) being all goodness and righteousness and truth" (Eph 5:9).

Then God sends Jesus into the physical, and the Spirit descends upon Jesus, who begins a "new creation" as the "second Adam". "While John baptized with water, Jesus baptizes with the holy Spirit" (Acts 11:16) . . . the baptism of the Spirit transforming us from a carnal physical creature back into a righteous spiritual being.

The Spirit was in Jesus's life, and taught him. The Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead ("let the dead bury the dead") lives in you (Rm 1:4). The Spirit was the being behind everything Jesus taught and did. Just as Jesus connected with the Spirit, so can we connect by going within, as a little child.

It is given unto the seeker to know the mystery of the kingdom of God, that we should not be ignorant of this mystery, the mystery which had been kept secret since the world began. "In the last days, God will pour out his Spirit upon all flesh, to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus." (Acts 2:17 ; Eph 3:9)

The Spirit is an entity who reminds us and teaches us. The Spirit is to finish the job Jesus' teachings begin. Thanks to Jesus we now know that the Spirit resides within every man, woman and child on or off the planet. Through Jesus we have access to the Spirit, and thereby the Father inhabits us through the Spirit (Eph 2:18,22). "The holy Spirit of God shall teach you ALL things; and bring all things to remembrance." (Jn 14:26)

The Spirit teaches new knowledge from God, while bringing the teachings of Jesus to remembrance. Yes the Spirit refreshes our memory of Jesus' teachings while teaching us that which Jesus didn't teach while incarnate. For as Jesus plainly tells us in John 16:12-15, "I have yet MANY things to teach you. I will send the Spirit and He will guide you into all truth. ALL things the Father hath are mine, and the Spirit will show them unto you."

Contact with the Spirit is made by going within as a little child: a child-like state of wonder and pretend. Turn your attention inwards, and using the power of your imagination - PRETEND your self back into that state of consciousness like when you were a little child, before the age of reason. Try singing the childhood 'Aphabet Song' - your A,B,C's to get started; "feel" that childlike state of consciousness coming in from the past memories and then 'build' on that magical state which allows our spirit to connect with The Spirit, Jesus, God, the Godhead and eternal Life.

The more we go within and connect with the Spirit, the more Jesus, God and the Spirit become a part of our life. It is this baptism of the Spirit that works the magic of transformation in us, sowing the love of God into our mind such that we develop a universal righteousness, understanding and Love for ALL. (Rm 5:5)

There are three who bear witness in Heaven, and these three are one; Jesus The Spirit God. Where God is not one but many but all one member one body one Spirit. God creates the new spiritual being through Jesus by the Spirit ... "it is the Spirit that quickeneth unto Life eternal" (Jn 6:63), and Jesus speaks through the Spirit (Acts 1:2).

"God gives his Spirit by measure unto us; it is measured unto those who hear: and to those who hear, more shall be given." (Jn 3:34 ; Mk 4:24)

BE AWARE: "he that is born after the flesh, persecutes him that is born after The Spirit" (Gal 4:29).