The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."


Consciousness is an experience which is most difficult to define with words: consciousness means different things to different consciousnesses. The fact is that consciousness is but a collection of words, and thus consciousness is limited to vocabulary; change the vocabulary and you change the consciousness. By giving certain people certain thoughts and feelings, words, they are moved to build the exact likeness, in detail, for expression.

Who are you? Do you define yourself as your job, your family lineage, your friends and associates, your wealth or lack of? Do you define yourself as a dad or a mum, a husband or a wife, a son, daughter, step-...?  What are the words used by others to define you? Have not all these words created you? Isn't what you really know only what you can put into words?

Let us travel back in time to when you were first born. As a new born baby - What did you know? You were what we call "a clean slate:a blank slate". As you laid on the delivery table you had no words, you didn't even know your name.

Then came the words, the labels of this world, and you identified and stored the words; you selected the words; you identified with certain words more than others: the words became you and you became the words. Consciousness became words forming conclusions.

And so, if you take away words or add words, consciousness changes. Take away the words, as in reincarnation, and you cease to exist as that consciousness; then a new consciousness is created from a new identification pattern of earthly words. Or, take away the physical reality, as in death, and what do you have? You have a physical consciousness in a spirit reality...and just as you were born into this world clueless and bewildered, likewise you will be born into the spirit world bewildered and clueless, a spiritual pauper, because your consciousness has no spiritual knowledge, no spiritual experiences.

Consciousness is just words; information arranged into an identification pattern to which we identify with as our self. Consciousness is soul's deception that soul is you - "You ARE Soul" . The information stored in soul is arranged to define and support soul as being YOU, and since you "believe it" you identify with soul's consciousness as being your self. "You are not the Soul.

The real you, an observer, is experiencing a physical consciousness, at best a physical "book-consciousness" about spirituality, through a soul which is connected to a physical body's sensory system. You are mind from MIND, connected to a soul which generates an experience of consciousness, inside the various holographic realms of form and sensation.

Another deception of the soul is that the consciousness, filling itself with book knowledge, hearsay, and then by the consciousness questioning itself, it can produce the illusion of evolving or attaining a higher state of consciousness. Change the information and you change the consciousness and you change the experience. It is in this way you become a doctor, lawyer or whatever.

You need to finish being who consciousness "thinks" you are. Consciousness changes dramatically when the unseen becomes seen. Consciousness begins to wane as the new you, the real you, becomes "born again". This is why consciousness makes the understanding of itself so convoluted and difficult, it doesn't want you to know what it really is, that consciousness is not you.

Verily, verily, we say unto you, "We speak unto you that we have seen and heard, what we have experienced, and THAT is how we know and the Faith by which we understand truth and stand strong against derailment" (1John 2:14).

Hear it again, "The Kingdom of God is within." You are cleansed through the words of God (Jn 15:3). So 'desire' the words of God that ye may grow thereby (1Peter 2:2). Receive the words of God with all readiness of mind. Search the scriptures daily, whether these things are so (Acts 17:11).

Real freedom comes by God who put us here in the bottomless pit. Seek ye the kingdom of God within and "all things" shall be added unto you. For as you turn inwards, it opens by degrees, spiritual knowledge and experiences for you to draw upon as your Faith, for expression. Here in the Trap, when you go within and disconnect from the soul, consciousness is having no effect and the Spirit of God can communicate with you.

All earthly attractions, spending all one's time in the pursuit of earthly things, producing all the treasures of the earth, all of which must be left behind, is time that has been wasted. Anything that holds our attention to the exclusion of any time for spiritual pursuits, are time wasters: reading Col 3:2, "Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth."

If you do these things, you will experience these things, and happy are those who do them: "hear the word of God AND do it." (Luke 8:12) Disconnect from the soul and become born again. Soul is deceiving you.


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