The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."


Most of the dreams recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures are found in Genesis and Daniel. In the New Testament, dreams are few and there is no mention of any value of dreams by Jesus. In Islam, dream interpretation is how Muslims believe they receive revelations from God. Other religious and spiritual cults practice dream incubation with the intention of cultivating dreams that are of prophecy.

Dreams are just another tool of the devil - like religion, spirituality and cults - to keep us "busy," and away from seeking the truth through revelation: the soul's design is to keep us busy with the things of this world.

All dreams come from the soul, deceive us, play tricks on us and lead us astray by casting doubt in the guise of reality.

Doubt is the name of soul's game in dreams; to keep us away from, and lead us away from, the truth that can set us free from its control. If soul can "slide" that one thought of doubt into our mind, then it can link it to other supporting thoughts of doubt - and we're gone chasing rainbows.

You are dreaming right now as you read this. The soul is causing you to use its prior knowledge and beliefs to analyze this information. Soul is sending specific thoughts into your mind to disuade and persuade you, that these are not the teachings of Jesus. Doubt!

So what are dreams? Dreams are successions of images with sounds, feelings, ideas, with emotions and sensations attached, shown to the mind through the window of the soul, during sleep, while awake, or during meditation. Once the mind is pulled through the window by the hypnotic trance of the dream, the mind goes along, unaware and out of control, with the exception of the lucid White Light dream where the mind is aware of itself.

Dreams can range from ordinary daily life situations to the surreal and bizare nightmares. Dreams can be exciting, inspirational, adventurous, magical, cartoon-like, frightening or sexual. Dreams are the devil's playground for us while we are in the human form, and after the death of the physical body. The devil can delight us one moment, make us apathetic the next moment or punish us by raining terror into our mind by using the soul's imagery and its imagination. The effects and affects the Wicked One can generate with the soul's stored imagery, and its' powers of imagination and creativity, seem unlimited.

Here are some interesting facts about dreams. People who are born blind do not have visual dreams. People who were exposed to black & white television as children, dream in black & white 25% of the time or more. External stimuli such as sounds, heat, cold and smells can enter into and become a part of our dreams. We can dream inside a dream; sometimes many levels deep. Dreams can become overwritten onto the memories of our real life experiences. The residual effects from dreams can affect our feelings, moods, thinking and actions upon awakening for a few hours, days, weeks, months or even permanently. Deja-Vu is a phenomena whereby the current incoming imagery of the moment "loops" back upon itself creating that surreal feeling of having experienced the situation before.

People who are deprived of sleep for several days can experience hallucinations; the outward projection of soul's imagery whereby the imagery appears to be out there in the physical, but of course it's not. Psychedelic drugs allow one to experience this same phenomena; it's just like having a lucid dream while fully awake. The drug crosses the human blood-brain-barrier and temporarily "fries" the neurotransmitters, severing some or all of the connections of the physical senses, allowing the mind to see only the lucid contents of the soul. DMT is such a drug, and interestingly, under certain conditions, DMT can be produced in the brain, in low concentrations, causing momentary hallucinations. Dreams can also be generated by the stimulation of certain parts of the brain with electricity; sights, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells from past events can be retrieved from the soul.

Most people spend their lives in a type of dream; they call it a routine. Look around you and see all the people performing their daily routines, like they are on automatic. Then look arouns and see all the people who are day dreaming, zoned-out, starring off in a trance, dreaming in their cars at traffic lights, even on long stretches of highways, while sitting, walking, or waiting for anything, they love their dreams.

We are so busy dreaming that when someone asks, "What did you do two weeks agao", we can't remember, or remember it accurately. We have been trained to be constantly dreaming about one thing or another, constantly thinking about something, what someone said, did or didn't do. Look around when you go out in public, see who else is looking around in the NOW to see what's going on: criminals are watching for the dreamers, police are watching, security forces are watching. Today, many people are dreaming, heads down, into their smart phones. Rarely are we here in the now, here in the moment, aware of our surroundings and what's going on around us. We are addicted to this dream-like behaviour; we love soul's dreams of money, alcohol, sex, drugs, gambling, food, partying, etcetera, and constantly dreaming of how can we get more.

Actually it is the soul which makes the human experience possible for the mind. The soul connects to the physical through the human brain and its five physical senses. The soul arranges and stores the information processed by the brain through the five senses, and we, the mind, view the physical through the soul. We can compare the process to a type of virtual reality whereby the mind views the new incoming imagery of the moment, then old stored imagery or created imagery from the soul's imagination is added, to lock us into a day dream. Take away one of the senses, like sight, and that stream of data flow stops and there are no new visuals for the soul.

Technically, we all experience the "moment" in the past because for the senses to detect, the brain to process, and the soul to store, it takes time, if even a micro second or two. While the process all happens at near the speed of light, none the less, we, the mind, are viewing the momentary past even in the present.

Living in the moment is that state of mind where there is total blankness, total blackness, where there is just you; this is when you can receive revelation. Soul's thoughts and God's thoughts cannot occupy our mind at the same time; it cannot serve God and mammon at the same time. Once again we tell you, "You can only know if these teachings are true by applying them and doing the work, and in no other way. Remember, "faith without works is dead".

Do not mistake what we are saying here about dreams; they are another good way to see into the operation and contents of the soul, and how it controls us. Yes, dreams can provide an insight into the contents of the soul and how it uses its imagery to control us. It can be very educational to learn of the "degree" to which we are constantly "absorbed" in soul's imagery, and thus under its control. However, the pursuit of dreams as a study is a trick of the devil to waste our time and actually strengthen soul's control over us. A quick look at any "dream" website shows you it's all about the things of this world.

Dreams are nothing but old pictures put together into film clips and brought to virtual life by the energy of our mind - "it's only a dream" - or is it?. Inside the dream it is possible to freeze the virtual holograms and then walk among them like frozen statues. Dreams are just another tool of deception. However, the angels of God can enter into the soul's dreams, as can other beings, and do so to give warnings, but the Angels of God never advise anyone about their earthly affairs.

God also sends Angel messengers who appear in human form, reading Hebrews 13:2, "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." Yes Angels from Other Earth walk among us. As for Jesus, we read in Hebrews 2:16, "For verily he took not on him the nature of angels, but took on him the seed of Abraham." Jesus took on the life form of a man, whereas after his resurrection he appeared unto his disciples as an Angel.

It has been said that when a people die, they cannot take anything with them; but is that true? If we aren't taken back to Other Earth and given a new soul, then there is one thing we will take with us upon the death of the physical body, and that is the soul which is connected to us right now; and all those stored memories, complete with the sensory data. And that soul will hold us it its virtual reality holograms where we will be along for the dreams, or nightmares, of our afterlife. All those thoughts, feelings, emotions, visuals, sounds and smells will be at soul's disposal to make us dance like a marionette in its virtual reality where we will "believe" what we are seeing, and experiencing, is just as real as here in the physical: you've already had a dream experience like this where you woke up and exclaimed - "WOW, it was so life-like and real."

If we do not free our self now from the soul's control, when the body dies we shall live among its contents, judging ourself just as we have judged others. "For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged, and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured unto you." And I say unto you that every idle word that man shall speak, they shall give account thereof." "And they shall come forth, they that have done good unto the resurrection of Life, and they that have done evil unto the resurrection of darkness." (Matthew 7:2 , Matthew 12:6 , John 5:29)

Jesus says, "Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father; there is ONE that accuseth you, in whom you trust." "Let us not therefore judge one another any more, but judge this rather, that no man put a stumbling block or occasion to fall in his brother's way." (John 5:45 , Romans 14:13)

"Judge not your own self. Judge nothing before the Living God brings to light, through revealing the hidden things of darkness and makes manifest the counsels of your soul." (I Corinthians 4:3-5)

We tell you now that every person in your dreams is a replica of you; with your likes, dislikes, loves, hates, joys, jealousies, hopes, fears, sadness, dreads, anxieties, etcetera, all is there within the legion of characters stored within the soul. While the images may be of people you know, their personalities, their characteristics, their beings, their knowledge, are "virtually yours". Who's else could they be? It's the contents of your soul, not theirs. And you shall dwell among your own creations after death, just as you do now, "if" .......

Think! Where do these dreams come from? Where do these people in your dreams come from? They are in there with you, just as you have perceived them, judged them, and believed them to be, so are they perceiving and judging you. Soul has created them in its' image, using its' power of imagination. How could they be anything else? The imagination is a powerful tool of the devil.

Doubt! "Receive the word with all readiness of MIND, and search the scriptures daily, whether these things are so." (Acts 17:11)

In your patience, possess ye your soul. Watch that your soul does not pull you into its' many temptations of the past. Stay as focused in the now as you can, and watch, for the evil of the day is approaching like the wind, and you know not when, or where it comes from.

Watch constantly over your soul; that thief that will steal away your Life. Watch and suffer not the soul to steal away your mind into its virtual reality of holographic dreams, into the evil things of this world. Watch; for the soul will attack at a time and in a way you think not: for all thoughts are of the soul and it deceives you in this way; that you think you can out think it, but you can't. You cannot use the soul against itself. Reading Luke 17:20, "The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation (thinking), but is REVEALED."

"And the Scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman taken in adultery before Jesus and asked him what should her punishment be? the Law says she should be stoned (which usually resulted in death).

And so they waited for Jesus' answer. And Jesus knelt down and wrote in the dirt, "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

And then Jesus stood up and asked, "Who among you are without sin? - let him cast the first stone."

And then Jesus knelt down again and wrote in the dirt, "Thou Shalt Not Lie."

And they left, the eldest to the youngest."

That you might know the only true God, and Jesus whom he sent, revelation has restored unto us, the teachings of the Living God for our salvation, and they are not of this world.

Peace Be Unto You All.