The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."


The Trap is holding us captive. We cannot escape from the Trap and its karmic wheel of death unless someone shows us the "way out", or, if the Living God who put us in the Bottomless Pit, takes us out!

People believe that good works or good karma earns them a better life here and in the hereafter. Many have laboured under the 'belief' of no more incarnations, of rising above all the realms of form to join with the Supreme Godhead, all as one. So cunningly designed is the Trap.

Karma does not mean that good brings good, and bad brings bad; remember Job, Jesus, the prodigal son and his brother? However, "do not be deceived: a man reaps what he sows", just as "evil comes to one who searches for it." (Gal 6:7 ; Prov 11:27)

You cannot rise to regions beyond the play of karma; you're still a prisoner inside the Trap; within Satan's empire, the Bottomless Pit. No, you cannot gain freedom from karma, and you cannot rise to perfection by reincarnation. These are just instruments of the Trap, used to prepare us to meet with one of Satan's 'angels of light' (Mystic Masters) who will connect us to Satan (Sat Nam).

Herein you are shown the way off the karmic wheel of death. "Walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit, for the law of the Spirit frees one from the law of sin and death" (karma and reincarnation) The Spirit is Life because of righteousness: the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit he will reap eternal life." (Rm 8:1-4,10 ; Gal 6:8-9)

JESUS is greater than the god of this world: fear not, all workers hired at any hour receive the same wage because of Grace. The law was given by Moses, a man, but the truth of Grace came by Jesus. The Kingdom of God is given unto you that you may bring forth the fruits thereof. (Jn 8:47)

The law was made for anything "contrary to the sound doctrine of righteousness; but the law made nothing perfect, for the law is the spirit of bondage, akin to FEAR": 'an eye for an eye' is just evil for evil; forgive them Father for they know not what it is they do.

And so the question becomes, "Who will take you out of this arena of struggle?" ..... the Living God, back to life eternal in heaven? or, Satan, back to the side of the Pit to serve and worship him? If you are not able to think, visualize and compare your self to Jesus, to 'change' your self back into the righteous being you once were, then you will remain as you are, where you are.

We are beings with a physical sense identified awareness. We need to bring into remembrance a physical reality where we are having a 'spiritual' experience through a human. We move in and out of the brain, and we use the brain, and inform the brain, and speak through the brain. We are being deceived by images of light & sound, images of form and thought, whether in the body or out of the body.

We need to first 'spiritualize' the physical consciousness through conscious experiences of 'going within', thus becoming aware of another reality, and connecting to that reality, whereby we become a spiritual being using a physical man as an instrument to operate within a hologram of a physical frequency within the kundalini energy field generator, the Trap, preparing our self for Transmutation whereby we will be resurrected out of the Bottomless Pit and taken back home to life on Other Earth where we will be given a new body, a new soul and a new name.

Connect with the Kingdom of God through righteousness of thought, word and deed. "Now the righteousness of God, without the law, is manifested." (Rm 3:21)


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