The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."


In the ages to come, God will continue to show the exceeding riches of his Grace towards us through Jesus.

God made Jesus a "little" lower than the angels so he could enter into this evil world of death and breathe Life back into us through the Gospel. Salvation is the Grace of God through Jesus, who came giving testimony unto God's Grace: our resurrection from this evil land of the dead and our return home to Life in heaven.

Let these teachings of Jesus dwell in your soul and Live in your mind, DOING, not just knowing and talking, but applying. Sweep the house and make it clean, and in all wisdom, revelations will come, teaching and admonishing you unto the proper application of Jesus' teachings, to become born again of a righteous mind, performing the Will of God on earth as it is in heaven: "Find the lost sheep - and the Others."

As in all the years since the coming of Jesus . . . being justified freely by God's Grace through redemption that is in Jesus, the fallen continue to abound unto righteousness and are taken home to Life on other earth. Peace Be Unto You All.