The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."


If a man has a sheep that has gone astray, does he not seek that which is lost? If a man has a sheep and it falls into the "pit," will he not lift it out?

Sent forth as a lamb in the midst of wolves, Jesus came to seek and to save those who are lost; for they were as sheep not having a shepherd. And so Jesus was the good shepherd who gave up his Life in heaven, and came down into the "Pit", to seek and lift out the lost sheep.

The times have been fulfilled and once again the Way back to the Kingdom of God is at hand. This is the beginning of the end times, wherein religion is to die away and the glorious light of the true gospel of freedom shall fill the whole Earth. Jesus remains the door of the sheep; they hear his teachings and they follow his everlasting gospel. (Rev 14:6)  As before, the enlightening of the Earth comes with the bright shinning light of God's Righteousness.

The seekers know the true gospel when they see it. They apply the teachings to themselves and are made whole. They "knock & ask" for they know Jesus is a rewarder of them who diligently seek God the Father. (Heb 11:6)

The message was, and still is, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all things shall be added unto you." Seek, Knock and Ask for, and God's revelations will find their way into your mind and begin the long process of freeing you from this world of darkness. Sincerely seek and ask for forgiveness, sin no more, live righteously and your sins are forgiven.

This gospel is a manifestation of God's Love at work: planting His righteousness in our minds and detaching us from the "things of this world" which are rooted in our souls. Unfortunately, until now, to many, the gospel has been hid. The "god of this world" hath blinded our minds with religion. As in the days of Jesus, the sheep have been caught up in the outward form and observances of religion. We have lost our way. The wolf has scattered the sheep. (John 10:12)

Today people believe in a theory of truth whereby they "think" they are saved because they subscribe to certain theological tenets; at best they are partial believers. Their's is a religion of "feeling," and holiness is an outward show for the eyes of men. They are "church members," working earnestly, performing their church duties from year to year. They believe that they can make atonement through works of their own, by fasting and penances, and through payment of money to the church: confess your sins to the man behind the curtain, say three hail Marys, put some money in the collection box, your sins are forgiven and you're good to go.

Satan has them deceived, just as he deceives the "very elect" of their religion: blinding their minds with false doctrines and dogmas, superstitions and lies. Jesus did not come to teach the doctrines and dogmas of religion; he was in constant conflict with the religion and religious leaders of the time.

Satan, the god of this world, has used religion to blind the minds of men and hide the truth since time began. The truth has been crowded out of the peoples' minds by forms and ceremonies, by busy activities and mechanical observances; religious service is nothing but "feel good," dead, cold, formalism which causes people to question God's existence when trials and tribulations come their way. Outwardly professing their "belief" in Christ has become their mantra of salvation - just believe in God, that he sent his son Jesus, and that Jesus died for your sins, and you are saved: as if you could "think" your way into heaven.

Religion teaches men to believe in what religious leaders tell them; to look to men for salvation and not their heavenly Father. As such, all religions are destitute of spiritual food: they have just enough "milk" to hold the minds of their members captive, but no meat. They profess Christ as the saviour, but teach not the things he says to do. They teach that you can climb up some other way; that by doing something for the church you can merit God's favor.

They teach you that pretentious forms and ceremonies will make you of an upright, pure, and righteous character: just belonging makes one a visible pillar of the community, trustworthy and good. They preach that "faith" and loyality will bring instant salvation. Their's is a false hope, an empty faith, self-righteousness.

They profess that "faith" will bring conversion, a form of self-hypnotic brainwashing, but all one does is "appear" to transform the character by hiding the shortcomings and controlling the conduct through "fear of God:" outwardly dressed as sheep, but inwardly ravenging wolves. Such are always dominated by the soul within and its characteristics of self-love, self-indulgence and the temptation to sin. While bad habits can be removed, new habits simply fill the void.

Righteousness has been dropped out of religion, leaving only the husk of the word; as righteousness would be too much to expect of the massses who support the church leader's comfortable lifestyle of leasure. The church members never have any "experience of revelation" from God, as they are taught to believe only the church elders have such a communion, to wait until they are told by men higher up.

The blind truly are being led by the blind; both believing, hoping, praying, paying lip service to "their" religion, and both falling backwards into the bottomless pit of sin and suffering, taking comfort and enjoyment in worldly things, trying to increase the mammon in their lives. Satan keeps the blind following the blind, in bondage to the religious deceptions, changing the doctrines and dogmas to suit the psychology of the times, to keep the next generation enthralled in the stories and fables.

Satan keeps everyone blind and in bondage to the things of this world, his world. Satan has you! Satan has everyone until our seeking for the truth attracks God's attention and HE begins the awakening process in us. You have to have the "desire" to want to know the truth - not curiousity; AND you have to put forth the "effort" to make the necessary changes - not show me and I will change. Jesus said, "Do what I Do and you will Be where I AM."

The enemy of God, Satan, is not willing that the truth should be clearly presented; for he knows that if the people receive it fully, and apply it, his forms of deception will be revealed and his power over you broken. If Satan can, he will obilerate this gospel from your mind; he will do whatever it takes. He will cloud your mind with doubt and disbelief. He will use your friends and family members against you. If he can just darken this light a little, he can lead you away.

It is time to study & apply the teachings of Jesus to your self; to become a diligent workman, who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of God, to get to the truth. It is time to clear away the rubbish of religion which has buried the teachings of Jesus. The only reason people cannot take hold of these teachings AND DO THEM, is their prior learning is controlling their thoughts and feelings.

Many are fearful of "making a change," of the unknown, of being born again, of a departure from their long-held family beliefs in religion and hearing the "good old stories." Social stigma, fear, doubt, superstition, continue to hold them in bondage, in a prison of their own making. Satan keeps them believing in the religions of men: they are both his victums and prey.

The battle rages on: Jesus constantly trying to find and draw the lost sheep to the light of truth, while Satan is diligently working every imaginable deception to block the light and keep us in darkness. As soon as anyone finds these teachings AND begins to apply them, Satan knows of the efforts through his soul inside and works more zealously than ever to turn us away: that "little voice" sublety whispers doubt and fear. By THIS experience, is the evidence of the great value and importance of these teachings of Jesus.

Satan, that master mind of evil, is determined to neutralize these teachings of Jesus, and their inevidable effects. If Satan has his way, there will never be another awakening, great or small, but God is not ignorant of his devices. The Lost Sheep are not in a hopeless condition, because, "with God, all things are possible."

Do Not continue to be deceived by religion; it cannot lead or take you to heaven. You know that salvation is a "gift from God," so how can you let anyone make you believe that you can earn it by your self? You cannot reach heaven by your own works; no man can ever accomplish that for himself or another.

A "belief" in Jesus or God is not enough. A belief in the theory of the truth is not enough. The truth is of no value unless it is brought into the mind, resurrected from the dead soul, and APPLIED. The knowledge of the truth will never save anyone; the knowledge must be put to "practical use" to bring about CHANGE, to become born again, not of your own thoughts but by the Will of God, which only HE can effect.

You must learn "how to" detach your mind from the soul of good & evil below, and connect with the Righteousness of God the Father above. You must form that better connection, that most righteousness connection, and then do God's Will here on earth as it is done in heaven: above every earthly and selfish consideration, find the Lost Sheep and bring them home to God the Father.

The culmination of this awakening will be a united people, fearlessly spreading the true Word of God, just like Jesus and his disciples, the righteous sheep leaving this world behind, until the sickness of the sick consumes their minds and they too sincerely cry out for help.

However, while these teachings are spreading around the earth, the devil and his followers will become very angry; but fear not, for they shall be kept busy, held in check by their own earthly affairs and thus unable to find the time to stop these teachings from spreading unto the Lost Sheep.

Peace Be Unto You All