The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."


Two thousand years of waiting is over. The hour has come when the dead are finding these teachings and preparing themselves for the return home. All things foretold have been and are being fulfilled in this end time. Testimonial: the alabaster box of precious myrrh is a memorial to one who applied the teachings of Jesus, made the changes, became born again, and returned home.

Put on your helmet of right thinking. Pick up your double-edged sword and slay he dragon's thoughts of good and evil. Use your shield of knowledge to protect your self from your soul and other souls. Put on the whole armour of God and fight the soul for Life. Call upon God for the revelation of understanding.

Most people err for they do not seek the truth, but allow others to tell them what to believe and how to think (religious tradition). Your ancestors ate earthly manna and are still with the dead.

All religions, all paths, lead nowhere. They are but crafty inventions of the god of this world. It is the Father who quickeneth and raises up the dead unto Life on Other Earth. Even if you find the way back to Other Earth you would be found without the "wedding garment" and cast back out into the Pit.

Learn and apply Jesus' teachings and you shall find rest from your soul. Who has ears to hear, share with these teachings of Jesus.

There are two creations: one is above and one is below; one is Life and the other is death. The God above is true; the god below false. The God of the Living speaks of Other Earth, the god of the dead speaks of this earth. The God of Life is the God of love peace, patience, understanding and freedom. The god of death is the god of jealousy, vengeance, wrath, fear and slavery. God the Father is not the "god of the dead", but the God of the Living. All who know this live unto God the Father.

"Only God is Good." Let this be the guiding light to which you view scripture. Know these attributes of "God" and 'god' so you can separate the wheat from the tares.


    the most High
    God of Other Earth
    All People
    Love & Peace
    Angels Minister
    Sends the Prophets
    Free Choice
    You are the Temple
Lord God

Morning Star
the only god
god of this earth
chosen ones
jealousy & vengeance
angels(gods) destroy
slays the Prophets
makes desolate
strong handed
requires earthly structures

Even Jesus tells us that we are like the god of the dead; reading John 10:34, "Is it not written in your law, I said ye are gods?" And if we turn to the Hebrew scriptures, Psalms 82:6, we read, "I have said ye are gods, but all of you are children of the most High." For we know that in Heaven we neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are the Angels in Heaven.

If you can read the above, but cannot understand, what is clouding your mind? Are not these things written in your Bible?

Do you understand what "resurrection from the dead" means? Do you know what God is and is not? God is not the god of the dead, the god of this world. The Living God is not here!

Does this not answer all those puzzling questions, like, "Why would God allow such a terrible thing to happen?" God is not here. God is the God of the Living, not the god of the dead, not the god of this world. Not understanding this we do greatly err.

Understand these differences between God and god and you will see the "tares" which haven been sown in with God's wheat. And so it has been fulfilled, whereby "both the wheat and the tares have been left to grow together until now, the end time."

This is the world of the dead; the world of the fallen angels who wanted to be gods. The god of this world rules this world of death, decay and destruction. Now do you realize what manner of spirit we are of? Do you understand what it is you have been worshipping?

The soul is the greatest deceiver, your adversary, the devil, Satan the dragon, the god of this world. Learn of the Living God's teachings, brought to us by the Prince of Life; apply them, do them, and you shall find rest from the soul. Who has ears to hear, teach them.

Jesus left Life and entered into death to show us the way back home to Life on Other Earth. We do greatly err not knowing the teachings of God and the deceptions of the god of this world. Know you are from Other Earth, where God patiently awaits the return of the prodigal sons and daughters. Rise up from the dead and awaken those who sleep.