The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."


There are almost infinite Desitnations which can be experienced by 'going within'. You simply need an image of "where" you want to go in order to CONNECT. Remember the secret is 'Pretending', and the keys to success are  'desire & effort' where desire means - "What do you want this knowledge for? acquaint your fellow man with the truth and Jesus? Here are some destinations of interest ; others are awaiting your discovery. Soul, a virtual reality experience, is waiting inside.

Lower Astral realm

Upper Astral realm

Causal or Lower Mental realm

Upper Mental realm

Soul Realm

Looking down from the top of the Trap,
the Six Realms of Form spin around
in a counter- clockwise direction.

Close-up of the Bottomless Pit
Exit the Trap
and travel to the Side of the Pit.
Exit the Trap, travel up to the Ledge
and Exit The Bottomless Pit through the Crack in the Wall
and see what's outside.

Ledge on side of Bottomless Pit
with CRACK in the wall
to pass through and into
the outer Bulb-Like Structure.

The Bottomless Pit is contained inside a Bulb-like Structure, and at the top of the "bulb" there is a guardian or gatekeeper you have to pass-by to get out of the bulb and into the Waffle Sphere (see below). The Bottomless Pit, just like the Trap, has a way out. Once outside the Bottomless Pit, looking back, it is marvelous. [Outside the Pit, slide down the side without touching the rising "kundalini' energy field and slip out a hole in the side near the bottom and see what you see.]

The Bulb-like Structure is contained inside a gigantic Waffle Sphere (because of its waffle shape - not shown). You could probably put a 1,000 bulb-like structures inside the Waffle Sphere.

The Ledge on the Soul Realm
your way out of the Trap.