The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."


Rapture is a man-made doctrine created by the imagination of man's soul. The word "rapture" is not found in the Bible. If it were true, and it is not, it would be a very important event and Jesus would have told us, but he did not. In fact, the "rapture theorists" have it backwards; for as in the days of Noe, the wicked were removed from the earth and the just were left behind: either way there is no rapture, but there is a resurrection.

The second coming is also a man-made doctrine, created by men: the words "second coming" appear nowhere in the Bible. If there were to be a second coming to this Earth, Jesus would have clearly told us, but he did not. He did tell us that upon death of the physical body that he would meet us in the resurrection, in spirit.

For The Time Has Come when the people do not endure sound doctrine; therefore take heed least any man deceive you that you may be counted worthy to stand before the Son of man. For even unto this day, when the scriptures are read, a veil is upon our minds; nevertheless, when we shall turn to the teachings of Jesus, and apply them to ourselves, the veil shall be taken away. Such teachings are hidden from the wise and prudent, for the wisdom of the wise blocks the teachings from reaching their minds, and the understanding of the prudent rationalizes the teachings away.

Let us consider these things: couldn't an all knowing, all powerful God accomplish his mission with Jesus the first time around? (Remember Jesus' last words - "It's finished.") And if Jesus died on the cross, and then appeared to his disciples many times in the flesh, wouldn't that have been the second coming? third? fourth? fifth? Take heed that no man deceive you and do not deceive your self.

If anyone seems to be wise in the teachings of Jesus, let him become uneducated that he may be wise. There will not be another embodiment of Jesus for he can do more "work" from where he is now. There will be no second coming into the flesh, and there will be no rapture, so you better get to work on your own salvation.

Jesus plainly states in Revelation 1:18, reading, "I am he that Liveth, and was dead, and behold, I AM ALIVE FOREVER MORE." It doesn't get any plainer than that; "forever" means forever, and that means Jesus is not coming down into a body of flesh again. This can be difficult to understand, let alone accept, but as it plainly states in Revelation 1:1 that, the book of Revelation was written for "the servants of Jesus"; and that is who would understand his teachings.

Woe unto you thieves and robbers who have taken away the key of knowledge, for you have hindered those who would enter into heaven, and so you shall not enter in until you repent of your evil ways.

Trust in the Living God, who is the Saviour of all men, to purge your mind from dead works. God has raised up Jesus from the dead, and so shall he raise us up by the same power: for there is a resurrection of the dead, of both the just and the unjust. The just shall be accounted worthy to obtain to Life on Other Earth (the resurrection from the dead), while the unjust, the dead, shall remain in the outer darkness of the bottomless pit.

Watch: the day of our resurrection cometh like a thief in the night, when we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and we shall be raised out of this body of flesh - those who have done good unto the resurrection of Light and Life, and those who have done evil unto the resurrection of death and darkness. But of that day and hour no man knoweth, not even the angels in heaven, only the Father knoweth; therefore we say be ready, and watch.

So prepare thy self and with patience endure the trials and tribulations of your soul, and this world of the dead. Live soberly, righteously and godly in this present evil world, looking forward to the appearing of Jesus after the death of the physical body. For behold, Jesus shall descend from heaven with the shout of the voice of the archangel, he cometh with clouds, and everyone shall see him. And Jesus shall send his angels to gather his servants from the four corners of this Earth unto the supper of the Living God. And then shall those who did not understand, see the Son of man coming in his glory with the power of Life; and the dead, both small and great, shall have their books opened, and the they shall be rewarded according to those things written in the books, "every one according to their works".

Seek not after the things which are seen, but seek after the things not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen, they are Eternal.

In the Father's house there are many mansions: this is true because Jesus plainly told us; and he has prepared a place for each of us, and he will come and receive us, that where he is, there shall we be also. He plainly said this.

We are the Angels of the Living God. We look forward to the resurrection from the dead unto Life on Other Earth. We shall be raised up unto Mount Sion, into the city of the Living God, into a new Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of rejoicing angels. We are the temple of the Living God; and as God has said, "I will dwell in them, and walk in them, and I will be their God and they will be my people."

Turn from those fables and superstitions and serve the Living God, for in "this Way" death is swallowed up in victory.