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(1) KJV Bible - Red Letter Edition
King James VERSION of the Bible, with all the words recorded therein as having been spoken by Jesus printed in Red.

The manuscripts commonly used for the translation of the Old Testament into English are the Masoretic Text (MT) and the Septuagint. The Masoretic text is the textual tradition and marginal notes of the Levitical scholars known as Masoretes. Active from about 500 to 950 A.D., they continued the work of earlier Aaronic priests and Levitical scribes who were appointed by Ezra the prophet to be the official guardians of the Hebrew text he helped canonize. The MT is considered by many to be the authoritative Hebrew text of what we today call in the Bible the Old Testament.

The Septuagint, which means "seventy," is a set of GREEK manuscripts of the Hebrew-based Old Testament. Also called the LXX (the Roman numeral for 70), the text is believed to be the work of seventy Jewish scholars that assembled in Alexandria, Egypt around 285 to 247 B.C. The most common manuscript families used to translate the New Testament into English are called Byzantine and Alexandrian (Egyptian).

The Byzantine family, also known as the Traditional or Majority Text, was the text used and preserved by the Greek Church from the time of the apostles until the era of movable type printing. It is from this family that the manuscripts known as the Textus Receptus (also known as the Received or Stephens Text) were produced. The Textus Receptus was the translation base for the original German Luther Bible, the New Testament into English by William Tyndale, the KJV and others.

The Alexandrian Text manuscript family is composed of texts that were generally circulated in the region of Alexandria. This family essentially disappeared for centuries after 500 AD, only to be found again in the mid-1800s. Although these manuscripts are quite old, they often disagree with one another and show significant signs of grammatical revision. It is from this family that the Sinaiticus and Vaticanus manuscripts are produced.

The King James VERSION uses the Masoretic text for its Old Testament translation base and the tried and true Textus Receptus (Received Text) manuscripts as the basis for its New Testament.

(2) Strong's Concordance
Strongest Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible is one of the most accurate. A helpful tool for studying the Bible.

A Bible concordance is a concordance, or verbal index, to the Bible. A simple form lists Biblical words alphabetically, with indications to enable the inquirer to find the passages of the Bible where the word(s) occur.

(3) What does the Bible say about...
Searches the Internet for the Bible topics that interest people, many of which you’d never find in a traditional topical Bible. Then it shows relevant verses. Always check the context of a verse.

(4) Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Of the approximately 1 million words in the English language, the average English speaker knows 60,000 of those words. If you don't understand a word, you can get the wrong meaning of the sentence.

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