The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."


What is sin?
Sin is the transgression of the Law of God.

And what is the Law of God?
The Law of God is that we love one another by doing unto others as we would have them do unto us; whether family, friend, foe or stranger.

Sin is a comfy cozy prison cell where the door is wide open until time runs out and the door slams shut!

We have been put into a mortal prison house where we are the keeper of our prison until time runs out and death of the mortal coil slams the door shut on redemption. WE can continue living in our prison cell of sin, or we can change that dirty prison garment of sin suffering and death for the wedding garment of righteousness freedom and Life.

The teachings of Jesus are to open the eyes of the blind who reside in the darkness of their prison house, and turn them from the sin of Satan to the Righteousness of the Living God: to quicken the dead so they can see the law of sin ruling their mind.

Everyone commits sin because they are connected to a soul which is full of all subtely and all mischief; connected to that child of the Wicked One, the enemy of righteousness, doing all it can to covertly pervert the Law of God.

The way of the soul is sin and death, but the way of the Living God is righteousness and Life through applying Jesus' teachings. We think, say, and do the sins the soul shows to our mind. The soul subtely injects its thoughts into our mind by making the thought sound just like our own voice. The soul uses rationalization to justify the sin as harmless, thereby establishing our own righteousness. A man's foes are the thoughts of his own soul.

Circumcise the soul from your mind. Cut it off from controling your thoughts through its' emotions, moods, and feeelings. Stop servering it's law of sin by becoming the "doer" of Jesus' teachings; not just another reader paying lip service but a doer.

If we are carnally minded, running after the things of this world, we will continue in sin because we will always have the temptations of mammon. Remember? - you cannot serve both God and mammon. But to be spiritually minded, and walking in the righteousness of the Living God, is Peace and Life. This is a most difficult choice each one of us must make on our own: to suffer the slings and arrows of criticism, and continue with the masses marching unto war, under the captivity of sin, or take control of the soul and sin no more, enjoying that Peace which passeth all understanding.

We think we have been living our own life; fighting occassionally with ourself to be good, and do the right thing, and yet we haven't always been able to do that which we wished we could have done. In reality we have been battling the soul, unaware. We have been obeying certain lusts and desires of the soul, thinking the voice in our head is our own voice; it is so convincing it easily snares us and slays us with sin time and time again, even though we want to do right. For this reason was the Son of God manifest, that he would reveal the works of the soul; that we commit sin because we are the servant of the Wicked One's child, the soul.

Call upon the Father to help; call with all your mind; ask that he sends you the revelations you need to eventually overcome the soul.

Learn how to rule over your own soul first, and then you can show others the way that is not of mammon.

Free your mind from sin by becoming the servant of righteousness; develop an obsessive complusive disorder when it comes to righteousness.

Your sins are forgiven you as you have forgiven those who sinned against you (for they know not what they do). Let your WILL exceed the strength of Samson and do not let the soul cause you to sin.

Be not deceived, the Kingdom of God is Righteousness.