The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."


O Father, who art in Heaven, please forgive my rebellion, sedition, disobedience, wicked doings, trespasses and causing others to trespass against you. Please forgive my teaching of rebellion to others and multiplying words against You. Please forgive my multitude of transgressions, sins and iniquities.

O Father, please forgive my departing from thy precepts and judgment, for not harkening unto you; for not obeying your voice 0 Father. Please forgive my not taking counsel with you, and adding sin to sin: for loving earthly gifts and following after earthly rewards.

O Father who art in Heaven, please forgive my refusal to obey and not being mindful of thy wonders. Please forgive my rejection of your words, and that you are my Friend.

Please forgive my stubbornness for not harkening unto the Servants and the Prophets, and for displeasing you. Please forgive me for my past; casting the law behind my back and testifying against and slaying the Prophets.

O Father, please forgive my rebellion against your words of wisdom, the commandment, and the Prince of Peace. Please forgive me for condemning the Counsel of the Most High, and for vexing your Holy Spirit: for not listening to your Law of Love.

O Father who art in Heaven, please forgive me for turning and rebelling against you, and for walking in the way after my own thoughts, and for stiffening my neck and hardening my mind. Please forgive me for not believing you and not harkening to your voice; for not casting away the abominations of my eyes, and for not forsaking the idols of Egypt (Earth). Forgive me for despising thy Judgments and for not living in them. I have been a glutton and a drunkard, polluting the Sabbaths (every day), and I have persevered in my rebellious attitude. Forgive me for being of a generation that sets not their mind aright; that my Spirit was not steadfast with you.

O Father, help me to put evil away. Help to bring me out of the dry land in which I am bound in chains, for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Help me to become clean again, and build an alter beside your alter that I may once again follow You. Help me to once again become strong and of good courage; help me not to turn back away. Please reign over me once again that I may continue to follow you. Please help me to take down that Wall and erect a Bridge of Light over the Great Gulf that I may once again pass unto you. Please do not keep me cast out from thy presence.

You were true in casting me, an evil one, from your presence and into this prison we call Earth where I have been kept grinding in this prison house (physical body).

Father have compassion according to the multitude of your mercies, and keep me not under your feet. Let my sinning come before thee, according to the greatness of thy power. Please come in peace, that I may learn to stop eating of the "bread" of affliction and "drinking" the water of affliction; but that I may eat of thy daily bread and drink from your living waters. Please restore me from this prison in which I have made my grave with the wicked. Help me to lift up my head out of this prison and change my prison garments and let me eat thy bread continually before you - forever.

Help me, your lost son. Stretch out your hand that I may once again walk with you 0 Father. By the blood of the covenant help me to come forth out of the pit wherein there are no living waters; turn me to the stronghold of hope. Help bring me forth out of this prison where I have kept myself prisoner; such that my words be proved that there be truth in me and in them. Help lead me from violence and let not deceit come out of my mouth, that I may gain favour in your sight; You the keeper of the Knowledge, Who hath shut me up and bound me in this place because of the law.

O Father, we have all been gathered together as prisoners in a pit, and we have been shut up in this prison; now please, come and visit. Let me show you that my mind has changed toward you: 0 turn your eyes upon me 0 Father, whose eyes run to and fro throughout the whole earth. Hear my groaning and loose me from death to declare your name on Mount Zion, and your praise in the New Jerusalem.

O Father, I ask for mercy and forgiveness for, behold, I have grievously rebelled. Help to devour the old me with thy sword; for I shall be willing and grateful. Please, 0 gracious and merciful Father - never to anger and of great kindness - forsake me not, and ponder my acts, deeds, and thoughts. Purge me, a sinner, out from among the other rebels and them that have transgressed. Help me to bring my self out of the prison where I sojourn, that I may enter into the land of Israel and praise your name; deal bountifully with me thy friend.

O how I once again love ye and wish to walk with ye, and will follow your voice and not rebel against the commandment. Gather me into your kingdom as a testamoiny for all to see.

Now, therefore, I pray thee, pardon my sins and help me turn again that I may worship you in Spirit. Let your hand discontinue being absent from me as it was absent from me in the past. I cry unto you with my mind, and howl upon my bed: I do no more mischief against thee.

Allow me to return to the Most High Place with you, to be with you once again on Other Earth. I know that I have rebelled against the kingdom of God. Help me to once again know the Ways thereof, and abide in the Path of Righteousness. Help open my blind eyes, and bring me out of the prison and the darkness of this prison house. I am grateful that You have created me and nourished me; I repent from my rebellion. Make me also a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec, that I may be an officer in your House.

O Father, put your Spirit upon me that I may preach good tidings to men; anoint me with thy light (knowledge). Send me to bind up the broken hearted, and to proclaim the liberty of the law to the captives in darkness: to open up the prisons, to let out them who are bound.

O Father, anoint me with thy light to proclaim your acceptable year, ALWAYS, and the Day of Correction for each one, to comfort ALL that mourn. Hear me in an acceptable time, and help me in the Day of Salvation; preserve me and give me for a covenant to the people that I may go forth and say to the people who are in darkness - "Shew yourselves and feed in the WAY that your pastures shall be in all High Places." That they may not hunger or thirst any more; and neither shall the heat nor sun smite them. Have mercy on me that I might lead them; and by the Springs of your water, guide them. Your servant says, "Thanks be unto you 0 Father, who art in heaven".