The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."

. . . . . . .LISTEN & WATCH - or READ down below.


Memories of the past and dreams of the future, all playing out in the now.

To access your past lives you don't have to visit an inner learning centre, find your Akashic record book, try to read it, or any of those other laborious and complicated past life techniques.

The Akashic record is simply your soul's holographic archives of past experiences, including past life experiences which the soul draws upon to influence and direct your current incarnation. Every moment of every day we are functioning based on this stored imagery and the incoming imagery of the moment being presented to our awareness: memories and emotions from the past, connect to the outer situation, a moving destiny leading to our fate.

How we experience life here in the Trap is based upon the collected and arranged imagery in the soul. This holographic imagery is the "cause" of how we experience life here in the physical, and afterwards in the spiritual. (After all, what would the word 'spiritual' mean but holographic imagery w/sound.) It is this unseen imagery that causes us to experience life in the ways that we do: the effect of the stored imagery combining with the incoming imagery of the moment.

The time track is a collection of holographic images, with sound and emotional energy, from NOW back in time; spanning thousands of lifetimes. Go within and connect to soul's time track to see what's causing your mind to make certain decisions over other possibilities, even generating uncalled-for emotional reactions. Learn why some repeated events are stronger mentally and emotionally while less important events or singular events are weaker and less demanding. No matter what, the perceptions one experiences upon connecting to the time track fully react upon the spiritualization of you the awareness. The imagery may 'ring-a-bell' or 'push your button' depending upon the amount of 'saving face' is associated with the imagery. It is this stored imagery connecting to the incoming imagery of the moment which causes the mind to observe, think, recall and make a decision.

Using the time track one can not only access their past - like people do habitually in their continuous daydreaming mode, but you can also access and view your possible (or probable) future based upon one's past stored imagery and past lives imagery: with this in mind, not only can you access your past events, they can be changed to produce a different outcome in the future ... as the future is not written in stone; the stored imagery of past actions and desires can be over-written to produce a different outcome.

All techniques operate on the esoteric secret of 'pretending': pretending to disassociate one's self from the physical and connecting with the spiritual side of life. It's all about getting to know your self, from the soul; then effecting the changes which bring about a new birth in awareness - born again of righteousness.

Now let's learn how to connect to the soul's time track of stored imagery, not by thinking - but by pretending - so we can experience the soul consciously and directly from within. Do not mentalize the mechanisms of any technique; focus all your attention on pretending only one technique at a time . . . and DO NOT play over any past success in your mind.

You are experiencing here-to-before unknown techniques with unknown images, which you follow and have an experience in your mind of the spiritual side of Life. Eventually you want to be able to achieve an intense focused awareness, watching outwardly in the now, from moment to moment, without interference from old memories and feelings as you gaze intently upon the scene unfolding before you now. You don't look-up or recall images from the past - unless needed - like in driving a car or operating heavy equipment: be in the car in ego-mode.

In this time track technique, before you begin, you need to 'prime' the soul like an old water pump; you want to specifically and clearly 'think' about what it is you really want to learn about yourself; for example, "Show me the lifetime event which resulted in my being afraid of heights?" or "Show me a lifetime when I was the opposite sex?"

Time Track

To access the time track you are going to sit down somewhere quiet, close your eyes and relax. Then visualize in your mind's eye, by directing your attention forwards, up, and slightly to the right where you will 'pretend' to see a large sphere of white light with film-clip-like ribbons streaming out of both sides and tapering-off into the darkness on each side. (You don't have to 'see' - but you have to 'pretend' , to activate the time track technique.) The film clip on the left is the past and the film clip on the right is your probable future based on your past.

Now 'pretend' to move up and towards the stream coming out-of the left side of the white sphere, and then dive right into the stream and allow the past life to unfold, revealing the answer to your question - AS LONG AS you don't start thinking about whether it is happening or not. Don't start thinking about and analyzing what's happening; don't try to control or direct the scene; simply move into the scene and go along with whatever is happening just like you do in the daydream. Just watch like you would when you are 'absorbed' in the movie or TV show you are watching to the exclusion of all else in the room and those around you. Now all you have to do is practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice .....

To access one's FUTURE, the technique is slightly different from accessing one's PAST ; E-mail for technique ( ) Remember: the FUTURE is a possible or probable future based on the past - change and the future changes.


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