The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."


With a new testament Jesus made the first old. Now that which is old, decays, and is ready to vanish away. Herein Jesus' gospel has been restored, in the end time. Remember how you came upon these teachings and hold fast.

The end of our sojourn here can come at any moment; people are here one day and gone the next. And so it is at the end of one's life here on earth: and the angels come forth and sever the just from the unjust, and everyone is rewarded according to their works.

Many sleep and cannot understand until they experience death and see everyone being rewarded according to their works. Then there is wailing and gnashing of teeth; many regrets that the other was left undone.

Take heed and be not deceived that you may be accounted worthy to escape this evil world of the Wicked One and stand before the Son of man on Other Earth. Be ready for the hour is coming at a time you do not expect, not even the angels in heaven know this hour. (Luke 12:40)

No longer spend your time in the lusts of the flesh, the desires of the soul, fight the good fight and lay hold on Eternal Life. Be about your Father's business, "feed my sheep."

Do not love this world or anything in this world. Your time is always near; you can die at any moment and this world and the things herein will pass away, but not that soul's desires and lusts.

This cup, death, is not possible to be taken away by anyone except by God. So let God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Your sins are forgiven, go and sin no more. Forgive and forget the past and work towards returning home to Life.

Behold, one's time comes suddenly and unexpectedly; 20 years ago seems like yesterday. If we had known when the eleventh hour was, we would not have left the other undone. "Blessed are those servants whom the master, when the time comes, finds them watching." (Luke 12:35-36) Watch and Pray that you do not enter into temptation. (Matthew 26:41)

Watch is coupled with Prayer.

We are vulnerable to temptation every moment of every day while we are here in this world of evil. So Jesus says to be ready by watching and praying. "Be always on the watch," don't get caught off-guard in one of soul's deceitful deceptions; and thus the admonition to Pray, to keep our mind off the soul and on the Father.

We are to watch+pray always that we do not enter into the temptations of soul and the Wicked One. We are the children of the Living God, the children of the day, not the children of darkness, of the Wicked One. Stand fast against the wiles of the soul by watching+praying.

Watch, for the evil soul rises up in a split-second, when least expected, and leads us into temptation and sin. Also we must watch-out for the souls of others, because they will also try to lead us into temptation and sin. On more than one occasion Jesus scolded his disciples saying, "Get behind me Satan."

The soul is constantly laying in wait to trip us up, to destroy our faith in righteousness. We must constantly watch and stand fast in our resolve to set ourselves free from the control of the soul.

Be watchful and let those revelations which you have received strengthen your resolve to watch+pray even more earnestly. Watch and pray against the wiles of the soul which come upon us as a thief in the night to steal away your birthright, again.

Understand the atrocious evil and madness of this world, all because of the souls inside men. Learn about that soul inside you and watch all those gates (lustful desires) which the soul has used to gain access into your mind. The soul is always laying in wait to breakthrough and corrupt the mind, laying in wait to deceive.

I see the soul in my members, warring against the law of my mind and causing me to sin: this soul is like a 'carnal mind' which is in enmity against God, not subject to the law of righteousness, nor can it be.

Thy hardened and impenitent soul has treasured up wrath against revelation and the righteous judgment of God. For God shall show you the good and evil in that soul which is being used to control you; how the soul uses lusts against the mind, and that when the mind fights against the soul the mind falters because it cannot do the righteousness that it would do. However, with God all things are possible and thus the need to Pray always: connect and stay connected to the Father. Remember, seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all things shall be added unto you.

A watching person is ready to deal with the evil coming from the soul, and those other souls around, because that person is in constant communion, prayer, with the Father.

"Take heed," which means keep awake; stop entering into soul's daydreams which can lead you into temptation. 'Watch' means don't fall sleep as to that evil soul down below. Be alert! There are temptations and people everywhere, ready to assault us. Be awake and aware of your surroundings. Be in the mind connected to the Father, disconnected from the soul, for only God can help us to resist the temptations. (All others have an evil soul and are asleep as to that soul.)

So enter into your closet (mind) and close the door (withdraw from the soul) and connect with the Father; this is prayer. [How could prayer be asking for anything, for yourself or others, when "God knows what we have need of before we can ask"?]

Prayer means to be in constant contact with the Father, and this stops the daydreaming of the soul, and this stops the thoughts from rising up from the soul and controlling our mind, and thus we cannot be lead into temptation.

Thinking opens the doors into our minds; thinking opens the gates for thoughts to rise up from the soul and deceive us and seduce us into temptation and sin.

The Most Holy Place, our mind, made in the image of the Living God, MIND, is our inner sanctuary of peace where we can weather the storms and resist the temptations. Alone we cannot, but together with the Father we can resist the evil of this world.

We need to become fully aware of the soul and its' wiles; that it is always present while we are in this evil world. We need to become aware of its' constant presence when we think, of its' mind altering thoughts, its' methods of scheming, that we be not caught up in them time and time again. It's a continual struggle until the evil one is revealed and its' wiles understood.

Because we watch+pray we are awake and aware like never before, you cannot understand until you experience it. But, when we fall asleep into the daydreaming and thinking about the things of this world, we re-open ourselves back up to temptation, and the soul catches us off-guard.

We must practice and learn how to maintain the Father-mind connection for longer and longer periods of time. Only this can block the thoughts from rising up from the soul down below, thoughts which pull us down into the temptations of soul and sin.

All temptations which come upon us are common to all. (1 Corinthians10:13) Therefore, watch as people approach, for they come to tempt and try our resolve; they come to connect our souls to their souls and pull us back down into the soul-mind connection.

Worry not, the Father is with you always, he has always been there waiting for the prodigal son to return; he will not let the Wicked One or its' soul to tempt you beyond what you can handle if you; "put your mind to watching and praying." (1 Corinthians 10:13)

By watching and praying, when you fail, and fail you will as there is a learning curve, the Father will be there to pull you back up and reveal "What just happened?" The Father will reveal the deception and the gateway the serpent used to gain access into our mind. "Submit your self to God; resist the devil and he will flee from you." (James 4:7)

Be vigilant, on guard, fully awake, alert and intently focused in the moment, not thinking, but connected to the Father. Stop sinning and awake to righteousness (1 Corinthians 15:36) where, being awake is equated with righteousness, not sin. Don't be mind-lazy, Awake! Be sober and vigilant because your adversary, the soul, roams about like a hungry lion, seeking ways to devour you. (1 Peter 5:8)

No, it's not going to be easy. No, it's not going to be fast. It's going to take a lot of determination and perseverance, will. Pay attention to those thoughts entering your mind from the soul below, and the souls of those around you, let them not break your connection with the Father.

Keep focused in the moment, with God beside you, and as you walk about remember Jesus' words, "Father, I know you hear me, for you always hear me." The Father is always there.

Watch+Pray; discover the dangers from within and from without. Keep your Father-mind connection at all times when out and about, around people, and in solitude. Prayer is not a time and place, but always, a constant communication between you and God for revelations of what is manifesting in front of you, now.

We must learn to separate our mind from the soul, to block its' thoughts from entering our mind, and the only way this can be done is through the Father-mind connection, by dwelling with the Father instead of the soul: by connecting with God you disconnect from mammon. Connect with the Father and disconnect from the wiles and deceptions and thoughts of the soul. Remember you cannot do it by yourself, but with God all things are possible - do you understand?

This is your Father, your real Father; Why are you afraid? He is a loving, forgiving Father of righteousness. Approach him as a little child would approach his father after s-he had done something wrong and needs help. The Father is a Living God of Love and Peace: your sins are forgiven, connect with the Father and sin no more.

It's the seeker who hungers and thirsts after the truth that can set one free. It is the seeker who is extremely tired of this evil world. It is the seeker who wants to go home. It is the seeker who is heard and help is sent. It is one's child-like faith in the Father to make us whole again that opens our understanding to the teachings of Jesus. Not you, nor I, nor any man or woman can open the door of understanding ("knock and it shall be opened"), only the Father can do this, and will do this, for those who hunger and thirst after truth and righteousness, the Father will open the door.

If we say we have no sin, "I'm a good person" we deceive ourself and the truth cannot be revealed to us: when they called Jesus good he rebuked them saying, "None are good but God." Think for a moment: Are you in heaven? Look around the planet; does it look like a heavenly place? Well, if you are not in Heaven, Why not? (1 Peter 3:12) Go and sin no more.

Repent! Change your mind connection. Earnestly show the Father that you now realize that you have sinned against your brothers and sisters in heaven. How can you be his son or daughter?

Ask the Father to forgive you as you are in the process of forgiving others, for they know not what they do either. Ask the Father to make you a shepherd down here, to help find the other seekers who are seeking and ready to return home.

Repent: change and become the righteous Angel you were before the fall. Become free from the sinning soul by becoming the servant of Righteousness. Be deceived no more and become fully awake to the teachings of Jesus which is the gospel of salvation, and peace will be unto you.