The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."

KARMA . . . . . . .LISTEN & WATCH - or READ down below.

Karma is action and inaction, it is cause and effect, it is reaping what one sows, it is good and bad, however, karma is not a force outside one's self.

Karma is a function of the soul; an instrument which has been attached to us, obscures our light and impairs our progress everywhere inside the Trap. Here the soul contains the fate producing imagery (memories of light & sound) which creates and guides us into our self-created destiny . . . life's experiences and soul's power of imagination adding to and altering this karmic imagery which moves us to thought, word and deed. As David says in 1Sa 17:29, "What have I now done? Is there not a cause?"

The effects and affects that can be generated with the soul's imagery are almost unlimited; simply put, karma are your favorite or fearful 'picture shows'; the imagery running your life. It is the soul that is the karmic generator which moves us on a moment to moment basis.

We are creating hereto before unknown images in our souls which we follow and have an experience. The soul is ever recording an infallible record of the past, never making a mistake. Our future is our past unless changes are made.

The karmic imagery of soul generates good & evil, the TREE from which we were warned "not to eat thereof", but we did and we continue to do so. Our karmic imagery has brought us to where we stand today, and it is our karmic imagery which shall take us to where we shall stand tomorrow - for better or for worse.

Karma is a design of the devil, it's duality of good & evil bound up with all forms of evil as well as righteousness. We are inside the Trap of the devil, Satan, connected to him through his soul design. Look at Lot's life, and look at the life of Jesus, both tormented by Satan for their righteousness. Even in Jesus' parable of 'the prodigal son' neither the son nor the brother reaped the law of karma.

People's belief in good and evil, reward and punishment, enable the semblance of "good things bring good things", however they are deceived into thinking they have 'worked-off' all their bad karma and that they will rise above the realms of karma. Good karma is just more karma building, adding more conflict to our karmic burden: good karma does not necessarily bring heavenly rewards, nor does bad karma bring earthly punishment. (And you cannot assume the bad karma of another anymore than you can assume the good karma of another.)

Karma is Satan's power working through the soul to control us inside the Trap; to bring us to him. As the devil told Jesus in Matthew 4:8-9, "ALL the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them are mine, and I will give them to you, if you fall down and worship me."

Stop eating from Satan's tree of the knowledge of good & evil (soul), and start eating from the Tree of Life - Jesus.